Sudan says found proof of Israeli strike

April 10, 2011

A picture taken on April 6, 2011 shows the debris of a burnt car that was targeted by an air strike by a plane which Sudanese officials said flew in from the Red Sea then headed back in the same direction, killing two people in the coastal city of Port Sudan. A Gaza-based MP told a local news website on April 7 that the air raid targeted top Hamas militant Abdel Latif al-Ashqar who escaped unharmed even though the latter did not respond to calls to confirm the report. (Getty Images)

Looks like a small car. Do you think Abdel Latif al-Ashqar was environmentally aware and drove a hybrid? via

I don’t know… but if I were Abdel Latif al-Ashqar I would know my days were numbered

Sudan said on Sunday that remnants of a missile used in a mysterious attack that killed two people on April 5 proved that Israel carried out the strike.

Israel has declined to comment on the incident, which mirrored a similar attack on Sudan’s east in 2009 for which it neither admitted nor denied responsibility. (Reuters)