Double standards define Obama’s Demand on Israel

March 4, 2013

Daled Amos: Obama Demands Netanyahu Form Coalition, While Abbas In 9th Year of 4 Year Term
The Times of Israel reports ‘Obama will cancel visit if no new Israeli coalition by March 16′:
President Barack Obama will call off his imminent visit to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not managed to form a new governing coalition by March 16, an Israeli television report claimed on Thursday night.

Obama is due to arrive in Israel on March 20 for a working visit, his first as president. March 16 is the legal deadline for Netanyahu to successfully complete coalition negotiations, or inform Israel’s state president, Shimon Peres, that he has failed to do so.
While one can certainty understand that Obama would want to meet and do business with the newly established official government of the country he is going to visit — such concerns do not seem arise when Obama meets with “Palestinian” President Abbas


88 percent of Palestinians believe armed struggle is the best way to achieve independence

December 16, 2012

( first time since 2006, more West Bank Palestinians favor Hamas’s political strategy over Fatah’s, poll finds
Media_httpcdntimesofi_fegpfFor the first time since 2006, more West Bank Palestinians support the political approach of Hamas as opposed to that of Fatah and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, a new poll shows. And an overwhelming majority of Palestinians believe the results of the latest Hamas-Israel escalation that included Operation Pillar of Defense — Israel’s eight-day operation against terror targets in Gaza last month — prove that the armed struggle represents the best path to Palestinian independence.
The poll, conducted earlier this month by the Arab World Research and Development (AWRAD), a Ramallah-based research center, sampled 1,200 Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank. It set out to examine political opinions among Palestinians following Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas’s successful UN nonmember statehood bid.
While both events are overwhelmingly viewed as positive by Palestinians, adding popularity to both Palestinian factions, 42% of West Bank respondents said they preferred the approach of Hamas to that of Fatah, as opposed to only 28% who preferred Fatah’s approach.
Interestingly, more Gazans, 40%, said they preferred Fatah’s approach to that of Hamas, which rules over them. Thirty-seven percent of Gazans said Hamas’s approach was better.
While Abbas tends to favor a two-state solution reached by negotiations, Hamas — recognized internationally as a terrorist group — refuses to recognize Israel and vows eternal Jihad against the Jewish “infidels” who reside here.
An overwhelming 88% of the entire sample believed that the result of Operation Pillar of Defense proved that armed struggle is the best means of achieving Palestinian independence.
Another trend revealed by the poll is a sharp decline in support for negotiations with Israel among West Bank residents.
In May 2011, 59% of West Bank residents supported an immediate return to negotiations with Israel. That number dropped to 52% in May 2012, but declined sharply to 43% in the most recent poll. Meanwhile, support for negotiations remained largely stable in the Gaza Strip at around 50%.
Hillel Frisch, an expert on Palestinian politics at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar Ilan University, said he was not surprised with the results of the poll, given Hamas’s perceived victory in Operation Pillar of Defense and Israel’s recent decision to withhold tax money collected on behalf of the PA.
“Palestinians are becoming more frustrated and losing hope in negotiations,” Frisch told The Times of Israel. “They may turn to Hamas not because it’s Hamas, but because it’s the movement that opposes negotiations with Israel.”
For the first time since 2006, the Palestinian Authority allowed pro-Hamas demonstrations to take place last week across the West Bank in celebration of the movement’s 25th anniversary.

Hypocritical condolences from Abbas to Obama on school shooting

December 16, 2012

From Ma’an:

President Mahmoud Abbas wrote to US President Barack Obama on Saturday to offer his condolences after a shooting in an American elementary school killed 26 people.

In 1974, the Palestinian Arabs innovated the idea of attacking a school and killing students. From Wikipedia:

The Ma’alot massacre[1] was a terrorist attack in 1974 which included a two-day hostage-taking of 115 people which ended in the deaths of over 25 hostages. It began when three armed Palestinian terrorists of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine[2] entered Israel from Lebanon. Soon afterwards they attacked a van, killing two Israeli Arab women while injuring a third and entered an apartment building in the town of Ma’alot, where they killed a couple and their four-year-old son.[3] From there, they headed for the Netiv Meir elementary school, where they took more than 115 people (including 105 children) hostage on 15 May 1974, in Ma’alot. Most of the hostages were teenagers from a high school in Safad on a Gadna field trip spending the night in Maalot. The hostage-takers soon issued demands for the release of 23 Palestinian militants from Israeli prisons, or else they would kill the students. On the second day of the standoff, a unit of the Golani Brigade stormed the building. During the takeover, the hostage-takers killed the children with grenades and automatic weapons. Ultimately, 25 hostages, including 22 children, were killed and 68 more were injured.

Yes, Abbas’ brave Palestinian fighters murdered more children in a school than Adam Lanza did on Friday.
(A month earlier another group of Palestinian Arab terrorists stormed a school but it was a holiday. They still managed to kill 8 children, though.)
On January 1, Fatah – which Abbas heads – will celebrate an anniversary. But it is not the anniversary of Fatah’s founding – no one celebrates that – but the anniversary of the first terror attack by Fatah, in 1964.
The official PA TV still celebrates massacres against Israeli civilians and the terrorists who were behind them. Today.
Abbas claims to the West that he is against terror, but the actions of his own party and his own government show that praising terror attacks is part of the Palestinian Arab culture. Abbas himself has praised terrorists, including child-killers.
The fact is that you will be hard pressed to find a Palestinian Arab leader that would condemn the Ma’alot attack in 1974, or is the slightest bit embarrassed by it.
Abbas’ “condolences” ring very, very hollow.

Abbas’ lie of the day: "Hamas recognizes Israel"

December 13, 2012

From YNet:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas blasted Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal for asserting that his group will never recognize Israel, hinting that the statement hinders the chances of the two-state solution, according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

“I don’t agree with Khaled Mashaal’s statement on the non-recognition of Israel because we, in fact, recognized it in 1993,” Abbas told reporters in Ankara at the conclusion of a two-day visit. “A four-article agreement between (Fatah and Hamas) stipulates a two-state vision. And Mashaal approved of this agreement.”

So what is this four-article agreement that Hamas signed that accepted a two-state solution?

Apparently, it is not the 2011 Cairo agreement, which has five articles, but it is the 2007 Mecca national-unity agreement between the two.

Here is the full text:

Based on the generous initiative announced by Saudi King Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz and under the sponsorship of his majesty, Fatah and Hamas Movements held in the period February 6–8, 2007 in Holy Mecca the dialogues of Palestinian conciliation and agreement and these dialogues, thanks to God, ended with success and an agreement was reached on the following:

First: to stress on banning the shedding of the Palestinian blood and to take all measures and arrangements to prevent the shedding of the Palestinian blood and to stress on the importance of national unity as basis for national steadfastness and confronting the occupation and to achieve the legitimate national goals of the Palestinian people and adopt the language of dialogue as the sole basis for solving the political disagreements on the Palestinian arena.
Within this context, we offer gratitude to the brothers in Egypt and the Egyptian security delegation in Gaza who exerted tremendous efforts to calm the conditions in Gaza Strip in the past period.

Second: Final agreement to form a Palestinian national unity government according to a detailed agreement ratified by both sides and to start on an urgent basis to take the constitutional measures to form this government.

Third: to move ahead in measures to activate and reform the PLO and accelerate the work of the preparatory committee based on the Cairo and Damascus Understandings.
It has been agreed also on detailed steps between both sides on this issue.

Fourth: to stress on the principle of political partnership on the basis of the effective laws in the PNA and on the basis of political pluralism according to an agreement ratified between both parties.

We gladly announce this agreement to our Palestinian masses and to the Arab and Islamic nation and to all our friends in the world. We stress on our commitment to this agreement in text and spirit so that we can devote our time to achieve our national goals and get rid of the occupation and regain our rights and devote work to the main files, mainly Jerusalem, the refugees, the Aqsa Mosque, the prisoners and detainees and to confront the wall and settlements.

Apparently, Abbas is claiming that the fourth paragraph binds Hamas to existing PNA laws which implicitly accept Israel (it is the PLO that accepted Israel, that is out of the scope of what the PA can do.)

This agreement has been abrogated numerous times since it was signed, and in fact the Hamas uprising that cut Gaza off from the West Bank – with scores killed – occurred only a few months after this agreement.

Obviously, Hamas never interpreted this agreement, nor the Cairo agreement, the way Abbas pretends they do. Hamas has explicitly and repeatedly stressed that it will never accept Israel’s existence.

So which do you believe – a strained interpretation of intentionally vague language that doesn’t even mention anything about a two-state solution or Israel itself, of Hamas’ explicit daily threats to destroy Israel?

The entire purpose of Abbas’ lies is to try to convince the West that the split between the two parties is nothing, really, and that they are really unified.

In fact, if they agree on anything, it is that Israel must be destroyed – they just disagree on the timing and tactics. (And sometimes, Fatah leaders seem to agree more with Hamas on even those.)

if we believe that Fatah accepts a Jewish Israel then we have to accept that Hamas does… because the reality is neither do. don’t let the truth stop all of us being completely oblivious. actually… being oblivious isn’t enough in the long run. Being dead is more politically correct then a two state delusion.

Obama Promises Terrorists That He Will Stop Israeli House Construction

December 8, 2012

There’s still no promise from Obama to Egyptians that his good buddy Morsi will call off his rape and torture squads. No promise to Israelis that the Palestinian Authority will end its terrorism. But Obama has promised its kingpin that he will stop the Jewish State from building any more of those lethally lethal Jewish houses.
Jordanian King Abdullah II conveyed U.S. assurances to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Washington will not allow a new Israeli settlement plan to pass, a Palestinian official said Thursday.
The United States will put pressure on Israel to cancel a recent building plan, in exchange for not starting the Palestinian efforts to join UN agencies, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

King Abdullah II, the first head of state to visit the Palestinian territories after the UN vote, told Abbas that U.S. President Barak Obama’s administration will not impose sanctions on the Palestinian National Authority.

So Obama will blackmail Israel with a Palestinian state in the name of a Palestinian state. That’s a plan so stupid that it’s bound to work.
The Palestinian Authority’s terror squads fired 516 rockets into Israel. It is participating in Hamas’ 25th Anniversary celebrations. It made a major unilateral move at the United Nations. And not only won’t Obama stop giving money to terrorists, but he intends to help these terrorists pressure Israel not to build homes for Jews. No similar pressure is of course being imposed on the Palestinian Authority.
So tell me how Obama is pro-Israel again. And skip the Iron Dome funding. The Iron Dome is the main reason why Israel didn’t go into Gaza and dismantle Hamas. It’s pain management technology that helps make increased levels of terrorism viable without an increased Israeli response.

PA bid: Israel threatens to topple Abbas

November 14, 2012

( Foreign Ministry draft position paper states that should the Palestinian Authority receive the status of a non-member state at the United Nations, the only viable option would be “to overthrow Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.” The paper, drafted ahead of the Palestinians’ November 29 UN bid, said that “a soft response would be tantamount to an Israeli admission that it cannot handle the challenge.”

Related Stories:

The document further reveals that Abbas has serious concerns that he will meet the same fate as Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and ousted Tunisian leader Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali.

“In addition, the Saudis are accusing him of lack of efficiency and corruption,” the paper said.

“Several Gulf states are also angry with Abbas for his removal of Mohammed Dahlan who is trying to convince Arab leaders that Abu Mazen is no longer relevant. As a result he has lost the support of important patrons in the Arab world.” 

FM: Abbas doesn’t represent anyone anymore
US, EU urge Abbas to postpone UN bid

The document further reveals that Abbas has serious concerns that he will meet the same fate as Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, former Mohammed Dahlan who is trying to convince Arab leaders that Abu Mazen is no longer relevant. As a result he has lost the support of important patrons in the Arab world.”

However, the Foreign Ministry also recommended offering the PA some rewards.

Sex scandal, ‘Palestinian’ style

September 27, 2012
Moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has put the kaboshes on an investigation into a sex scandal involving one of his ministers until he returns from the United Nations General Assembly in New York (where he is due to speak on Thursday). The ‘Palestinians’ are already accusing ‘people opposed to our statehood bid’ of being behind the scandal, even though Abu Mazen has supposedly promised President Obama that he would not bring up the statehood bid until after the US elections on November 6.

Mahmoud al-Aloul, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, said the scandal was part of a scheme designed to foil Abbas’s renewed statehood bid.

Ghazali quoted Abbas as telling two senior PA officials who presented him with details of the sex scandal as saying: “Close the case until I return from the US because this is a sensitive time and we are facing elections. If the public learns about it, we will lose the presidential and municipal election. We already have enough scandals and don’t need more.”

The scandal erupted after a Palestinian woman complained that Hussein Sheikh, a top Fatah official who serves as PA Civilian Affairs Minister, harassed her sexually and tried to bribe her and her husband.

The woman, who works in Sheikh’s ministry, said the minister summoned her to his office on the pretext that he wanted her to help fix a computer.

Ghazali said that the woman, who is married and has two children, spat in the minister’s face after he tried to force himself on her while the two were alone in his office.

According to Ghazali, the minister later sent her a number of SMS messages to her mobile phone in which he continued to harass her sexually.

The woman’s husband, Ahmed Abu Alam, 30, also works in the ministry and is a former commander of Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades.

Upon hearing from his wife about Sheikh’s behavior, the furious husband stormed the minister’s office carrying a pistol, but did not find him, Ghazali said.

According to the investigative journalist, Sheikh later offered the husband $10,000 and a promise of promotion for him and his wife in return for their silence.

Abu Alam said he and his wife filed a complaint against Sheikh with various PA security forces in Ramallah and members of the Fatah Central Committee, but to no avail.

He added that he also provided the security forces and Fatah leaders with evidence implicating the minister, including the text messages and the cash.

The husband said that he and his wife have since been facing a campaign of threats and intimidation to force them to withdraw their complaint.

Last week, Abu Alam and his two brothers, Nasser and Muhammad, were detained for four hours by the PA’s Military Intelligence Force in Ramallah.

Upon his release, Abu Alam went to Abbas’s office and demanded to talk to the PA president. “I was told that he had traveled to the US,” the husband said.

 The Abu Alam’s have fled to Jordan. A curse on their house and Sheikh’s. Heh.