Jon Stewart in Egypt causes controversy for the dumbest reason possible (Like Usual)

Jon Stewart, during his working summer vacation, visited his friend and fellow TV satirist Bassem Youssef in Egypt h/t EOZ
So what could be the problem?
Egyptian paper Al Mesryoon complained about this appearance, because of a comment he makes early on about not working. He says “As you know my people like to wander the desert, that’s what I’m doing now…it’s been two weeks, I’ve got 38 years and 50 weeks left.”
Al Mesryoon, hilariously, says that Stewart was making fun of …the Koran!
You see, the Koran says that the Jews wandered 40 years in the desert because of their sins. How dare Jon Stewart mock the Koran! And to add insult to injury (a topic covered in the interview,) Stewart makes fun of Cairo traffic!

Dhimmi Stewart just doesn’t get how cursed everyone thinks he is in Egypt because of his arrogance… might be a good idea to not watch someone who is so completely oblivious that he has has feminists writing his jokes. That’s Benghazi for humor… or maybe Tahrir Square.


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