KFC chicken smuggled through Gaza tunnels

A local Egyptian delivery company has been smuggling KFC meals through the underground tunnels across the Egypt-Gaza border, the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) reported Wednesday. The al-Yamama company has advertised its fast-food smuggling service on Facebook. According to the CSM, the company gets tens of orders a week for KFC meals. Their Facebook page is filled with thanks and recommendations from satisfied Gazan customers, as well as advertisements for potential smugglers looking for delivery work. The price of a KFC family meal is about 80 Egyptian pounds (about 11 US dollars) at el-Arish KFC restaurant, but getting it in Gaza costs as much as 100 Israeli Shekels (30 dollars), with the company seemingly tripling the price of KFC to cover cover transportation and smuggling fees. The deliveries go from the fryers at the neighboring Egyptian city of Al-Arish’s KFC joint 35 miles away to customers’ doorsteps in about three hours, according to CSM. Mohammed Al-Madani, an accountant at Al-Yamama company, said they started their new business by chance, Xinhua reported. “We ordered and arranged to bring some meals for us and they arrive after four hours,” Xinhua quoted him as saying. Then they posted a picture for the fast food on their company’s website, and soon got more orders from the people in Gaza.” Since late last month, they have made four deliveries of KFC food to Palestinians in Gaza, with every delivery including about two dozens of combos, according to Xinhua.

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