Word is – Someone’s preggo. While her husband Bashar massacres Syrians, some how he found the time to still get some nookie. They have 3 other children. She is said to be hiding out in the safety of Russia while Bashar protects his position of power.

Meanwhile, someone took over – and has posted things like

I support my husband. I support raping, murdering and killing little children and destroying entire cities. I know I am a horrible person and I know he is the modern day Hitler. I hate freedom, liberty, and justice.

I am Asma Assad, the Western-educated, progressive, fashionable, philanthropic, desert rose. My parents left Syria many years ago to escape the horror of the Assad regime- the oppression, the murder, the torture. I am not sure why I ended up marrying Bashar, the son of the world’s worst oppressor. But I have to live with this horrible decision now.

I am Asma Assad and I stand by my man!

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