‘Al-Quds’ #Brennan confirmed as CIA director

The Senate confirmed John ‘al-Quds‘ Brennan as director of the CIA on Thursday afternoon. The vote was 63-34.

The Senate voted
63-34 in favor of Brennan, overcoming Republican Senator Rand Paul’s
attempt to slow the White House counter-terrorism advisor from becoming
the next head of the CIA.

Paul, who spent nearly 13 hours
speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday, was irate about the
reluctance of President Barack Obama’s administration to declare that
“targeted killings” of American citizens on US soil were

Attorney General Eric Holder then clarified the
administration’s policy on Thursday and said that Obama would not use
his authority to order a drone to kill an American on US soil who was
“not engaged in combat.”

With the man in charge of removing references to Islamic terrorism from all government manuals in charge of the CIA, what could go wrong? 

I’d be careful with the critics as well… I can certainly see a hypothetical reason why one would need to kill a US citizen on US soil with a drone. The questioning was too political. I’m no fan of Obama, but I would never limit the possibility for a military to protect it’s citizen in the most effective manner. Rand Paul’s question was what they call a gotcha question.


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