Small bag of bell peppers causes Lebanese shopper to call in the army. AND THEY COME!

no! not the pepper… This story is worth seeing for it’s raw stupidity. Imagine finding a grocery item that was perfectly fine to eat but its national origin offended you, so the actual ARMY comes in to inspect it. I shudder to think of what kind of camouflage the Lebanese army must wear in order to hide in a grocery store. High heels and a hijab I suppose.(H/T Magic Martin)Lebanon Daily Star: Israeli produce discovered in south Lebanon shopJanuary 01, 2013 11:36 AMBy Mohammed Zaatari A photo of the Israeli produce in Spinneys taken via a cell phone in south Lebanon on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari) SIDON, Lebanon: A Lebanese shopper discovered several food items made in Israel in one of Lebanon’s largest retailers Tuesday. While shopping at Spinneys in the coastal city of Sidon, a man, who preferred to remain anonymous, discovered a bag of three kinds of peppers made in Israel. He immediately contacted local authorities who in turn contacted the Lebanese Army. Members of military intelligence and police arrived to Spinneys to discover 13 similar bags that have the word “Israel” printed on the sale tag. Click to continue: via

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