Israel’s only option is nuclear?

Maybe waiting for those sanctions to work wasn’t such a good idea after all.
Take this with a grain of salt, but the Sunday Times of London is reporting that Israel’s only remaining options against Iran are nuclear or ‘send in the ground troops.’ The latter seems even less likely than the former.

According to The Times, western defense experts discovered Iran’s Fordow nuclear site is hidden deeper underground than previously estimated and therefore safe from conventional airstrikes.

The Times report, quoting Western defense experts, added that due to the “upgraded” progress of Iranian enrichment, Israel has to change their tactics to prevent a loss of up to 20% of its planes from a conventional air strike.

Defense experts claim Israel have two options, to either deploy special forces on the ground, or use ballistic missiles with tactical nuclear warheads, The Times reported.

What could go wrong?

…well we can count on Obama, cuz he’s such a good friend of Israel… right? NOT!

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