King Abdullah: ‘Israel Has an Expiration date’

King Abdullah of Jordan claims Israel has an ‘expiration date’ – unless it pursues a two-state solution.
By A7 Staff

Israel Radio reported Monday morning that King Abdullah of Jordan said “Israel has an expiration date.”

Abdullah’s comments were reportedly made to the BBC last week. During the interview Abdullah said Israel’s survival was dependent on a two-state solution. Israel does not realize it needs such a solution, he added Abdullah added his government would increase pressure on Israel to reach a final status agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

He did not, however, provide any concrete facts to buttress his oft repeated assertion of Israel’s imminent doom.

Israel remains a regional leader in the realms of economics, military, science, and technology.

Meanwhile, former defense minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said Israel cannot afford to cut the defense budget because Israel is likely to find itself in renewed conflict with Egypt in the long-run.

Comment: Some would say that Jordan is certainly not our friend and I would concur. However he is signaling to us a particular message regarding the future of talks. Perhaps it would be useful to engage the King in public discourse-he needs us to succeed to save his entire monarchy.

that would explain why he didn’t visit Jerusalem. I have a hunch that these hard line tactics are a sign of desperation. It was reported that the PAL will not be involved in land swaps. It is also inevitable that Obama will probably lose the election unless an economic miracle happens. Given that… I have a hunch that the Arabs are scared and are reacting with harsh words because they will be forced to make concessions now. The attempt to appear strong is a bluff. The Arabs do not have the money to attack as nations… nor do they have the strength. They know this. The one thing they have is the UN… and they are playing to the UN’s emotions to pressure Israel into something through the international community. Israel’s best play is a stiff neck. There is going to be a lot of barking as these guy’s lose an advantage.


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