Condi may be clueless but Obama is worse

Condi is not to be trusted by the GOP. Her allegiance is to people who are presently literally part of Obama’s foreign policy. Yes, I’m not kidding. Baker is in Obama’s team and that is the Saudi lobby. She might of grown up near Bibi’s family house in Colorado, but her bread got buttered by Aramco/Chevron and that allegiance to it’s board is still there. I could never see demonizing oil companies, but it is time to discriminate between obtaining oil locally in North America and being a slave to interests in the status quo in the Arabian peninsula and North Africa.

(h/t Carl) Former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has finally gotten around to blasting the Obama administration for its obsession with Jewish ‘settlements.’

“When you look at where we are now, we’re a long, long way back from where we were,” Rice said in an interview with AP.
Rice said she had hoped that the Obama administration could revive stalled peace talks quickly when it took office in 2009, but she said she was disappointed by the new administration’s handling of the delicate issue of new Israeli housing construction in the West Bank.
“I do think focusing on settlements in that particular way was a mistake,” Rice said. “The parties then were able to have a reason not to sit down.”
The gulf has only widened, Rice said, “and they’re running out of time.” She did not sound optimistic for a settlement soon, or even for new talks. “When they’re not talking, they’re sliding backward,” Rice said.

Rice herself had called settlement building unhelpful and was infuriated when Israel appeared to undercut her by announcing new building licenses hard on the heels of some of her diplomatic visits.
But new Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, took a much harder line in the spring of 2009, demanding a full freeze on any building.
Obama “wants to see a stop to settlements,” including the expansion of existing developments, Clinton said in May of that year.
With Israelis suspicious of Obama even before he assumed office, the settlement position further unnerved them. The Palestinians, initially encouraged, became disillusioned when the U.S. was unable to persuade Israel to freeze settlement construction.

She’s obviously angling to get her old job back in a Republican administration in 2013. Someone please tell me it will be Bolton instead.

she just said: “the U.S. was unable to persuade Israel to freeze settlement construction. “? Not true at all and she would know this. The Israelis did stop for what was agreed (a little less the a year), but got no cooperation from the Arabs.


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