Gaddafi Bros. Conflicted Messages

August 31, 2011
Gaddafi brothers Mutassim and Al-Saadi

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says on the BBC, he was speaking from Tripoli’s outskirts, and that his father was fine. “The resistance continues and victory is near,” he said in an audio message.
Saadi Gaddafi’s message reported by al Arabiya TV: He got in touch with the National Transitional Council (NTC) commander in Tripoli after being authorised to negotiate by his father.

Austria withdraws from Durban III

August 31, 2011

I have to admit that I am surprised by this one,
says Carl

…how do you think Hitler feels?

…Austria has decided to withdraw from the Durban III conference. Austrian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Schallenberg told the Post that “we have no intention of participating in Durban III in September.” Austria has now joined the anti-Durban group of countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Australia, the United States, Canada, and Israel. Schallenberg said that Austria has” doubts about the content and direction of the conference” and that is the reason for Austria’s decision to skip the event. Austria participated in Durban I in 2001 and the 2009 Durban II conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger , from the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), has now, with his decision to boycott Durban III, placed Austria as the first German-speaking country into the anti-Durban camp. The Swiss Jewish community would like Switzerland to be next. Read the whole thing.

Sarkozy wants unified European Decisions on Palestine

August 31, 2011

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is seeking a unified European voice on the question of the ‘Palestinian’ UDI (unilateral declaration of independence). “The 27 countries of the European Union must express themselves with one voice,” Sarkozy said in an opening speech to an annual conference of French ambassadors.

A E.U. block could haywire and support an unsustainable venture.

Journalists Warned: Beware of Conservative Bloggers Who Will Target You

August 31, 2011

Times_media_reporter Jeremy Peters issued a warning to young journalists on Wednesday’s front page, “Covering 2012, Youths on the Bus”: There are partisan bloggers out there who are out to embarrass mainstream journalists. Ironic, given that mainstream journalists have been doing just that to conservative politicians for decades.

A group of five fresh-faced reporters from National Journal and CBS News clicked away on their MacBooks one recent afternoon, dutifully taking notes as seasoned journalists from the campaign trail shared their rules of the road.
Preparing journalists to cover the presidential campaign these days is also an exercise in indiscretion management. In the new dynamic of campaigns, reporters themselves are targets both of political strategists as well as other journalists and bloggers.

“People are watching you,” Fernando Suarez, a CBS News reporter who covered Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, admonished the young reporters. He recounted once innocently checking his e-mail and Facebook page during a Clinton rally in Oregon. A local blogger looked over his shoulder, snapped a picture of him and then wrote an item criticizing the media for being disengaged.
“Just be smart,” Mr. Suarez added. “Now that everybody has a Flip cam, they’re looking to get you.” The young reporters nodded earnestly.

Peters then provided a list of alleged horrors visited upon liberal journalists by activists and bloggers:

Embarrassment now comes with the swift tapping of thumbs on a BlackBerry or an off-the-cuff quip uploaded to YouTube. Helen Thomas, the trailblazing White House correspondent, saw her career come to an ignominious end last year after she made hostile comments about Israel to a rabbi who filmed the encounter and posted it on his personal Web site. CNN fired Octavia Nasr, its senior editor for Middle East affairs, after she composed a 19-word Twitter message expressing sadness after the death of a Hezbollah leader.

In the hands of a political partisan looking to discredit a news organization, these slip-ups can become powerful and fatal ammunition. “Everything you say can and will be used against you,” said Ron Fournier, the editor-in-chief of National Journal.
Some reporters have even found their personal e-mails leaked and used against them. David Weigel, now a columnist for Slate, was pressured into leaving his job at The Washington Post last year after he attacked conservatives in private messages that found their way to a right-leaning Web site, The Daily Caller.
To be precise, those “private messages” not emails stolen from Weigel’s private email account, but attacks that Weigel posted to “JournoList,” an online message board composed of several hundred liberal journalists and academics, which were subsequently leaked to The Daily Caller.

The willingness by some campaigns and activist groups to not just push back against the news media but to discredit and disparage is something relatively new, born of an erosion of the media’s all-powerful reputation and new technology that allows anyone with an Internet connection to be a messenger.

Reporters have far more to worry about these days than missteps of their own making. A new generation of political activists like James O’Keefe, the conservative sabotage artist behind the hidden recordings that helped ignite outrage against Planned Parenthood, Acorn and National Public Radio, are setting traps with the goal of discrediting the media.
Mr. O’Keefe tried last year to lure a CNN correspondent aboard a boat, where he planned to make romantic advances while a hidden camera recorded the encounter. Fortunately for CNN, the correspondent got wise to the scheme and avoided what would have probably been an embarrassing moment. via

The hidden divide between the Israeli Left and the Palestinian "moderates"

August 31, 2011
“Two states for two people” sign at Solidarity Movement march in support of Palestinian independence, Jerusalem, 15 July, 2011 (Photo: Dahlia Scheindlin)

…The concept of “two states for two peoples” has been the mantra of the Israeli “peace camp” for decades.
In what can only be considered a triumph by the leftists, this idea, which was was considered anathema to Israeli governments of both the right and the left, became mainstream Israeli policy. Even Ariel Sharon used that exact phrase in May, 2004 when unveiling the disengagement plan from Gaza (placing him far to the left of Yitzchak Rabin, who never accepted the idea of a “Palestinian state.”)
Similarly, that phrase has been highlighted by both George Bush and Barack Obama.
Yet the mainstream, supposedly moderate Palestinian Arab leadership has never accepted this key concept, and has been consistently and adamantly against it. To them, the idea of even accepting the existence of a Jewish people cannot be countenanced – even in private.
Any reasonable observer can see that this is a dealbreaker. The PLO’s insistence on trampling the idea of a Jewish people and a Jewish homeland means that real peace can never be achieved. They are the ones who are the true obstacle to peace, far more than anything the Israeli government has ever done. The majority of Israelis have steadily moved to the stated positions of the “peace” movement in the past two decades, while the majority of Palestinian Arabs have remained as obstinate as ever.

I was wondering what happened to this story

August 31, 2011
The Israeli prime minister’s office denied media reports Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife mistreated a foreign worker hired to care for her elderly father. Channel 2 reported Tuesday Sarah Netanyahu was suspected of mistreating a caretaker from Nepal. The television report said she suspected the worker of stealing money from her 96-year old father. An argument allegedly ensued and the worker fell, injuring her hand. In response to the theft allegations, the worker alleged Netanyahu failed to feed her, cursed her and refused to give her vacation time. A statement issued by Binyamin Netanyahu’s office denied the charges and said the worker’s allegations were baseless, made only after she found out the agency employing her was looking for a replacement, The Jerusalem Post said. “When it became known to her that she was about to be fired — something that could lead to her being deported from the country — she made up the story, and now there is a cynical and unworthy campaign against the Netanyahu family,” the Post quoted the statement issued by Netanyahu’s office.

I remember this story being a big thing in the NYTimes. Honestly I was so scared of Obama and Livni that I forgot about this libelous story completely. For one thing the person who would take the blame would be his wife… and that kind of attitude that blamed Bibi for Sarah was pushed when the NYTimes thought the Clinton family and their ambitious husband wife team was some kind of ideal match, when in fact it kind of led Bill to go wild. So the story was a big deal because the liberal media was condemning people based on their spouses behavior and comparing them to the careerist culture of the progressive Democrats. Now it has been exposed that this culture and it’s role models were a facade, but the libel against poor Sarah Netanyahu still is out there because the original juxtaposition of the alleged accusation is moved from being a condemnation of a marriage (that would implicate Bibi) to a Socioeconomic allegation that is more in line with the attitude of the Tel Aviv Tent protesters. The one consistency is that the story is probably bullshit. If you have never fired a difficult worker and had accusations come out then you have never had to employ anyone… let alone in a difficult situation where an elderly man is being taken care of. Then there is the other issue. Suppose Sarah is guilty? How guilty is she really? She was concerned about her dying father. It shows how biased the media is against Jewish leadership.

Wikileaks: Australia, Goldstone, Mossad, Hamas and Dubai

August 31, 2011

Israel’s suspicions that Australia reversed its pro-Israel vote on the Goldstone Commission report in 2010 because of Canberra’s anger over the use of forged Australian passports in the assassination of a Hamas operative in Dubai received confirmation via a US cable out of the Canberra embassy published by WikiLeaks on Monday. The Jerusalem Post and h/t Challah. Here is the full cable.