On another aspect of WikiLeaks: Julian Assange vs. Anna Ardin

Whatever you say about Julian A. – be it a genius who came to the world to liberate it from lies; or, as one overexcited and over-left freelance journalist says, a hero that undermines systems of power; or, as I suspect (but keep it to myself) a neurotic nerd with a great idea and a Napoleonic complex that leaves Napoleon standing… whatever it is, a man can’t but shudder at the thought of the fate that Julian A. encountered in the person of one Anna Ardin.

The lady with the eye-slits of a sniper is something else, I have to say. Several sources describe her more or less in this way:

Ardin is a notorious radical feminist – but in a sense not necessarily known much outside Sweden*. Feminism in some circles focuses on how men achieve social dominance through sex. Many of these Swedish radical feminists are militant lesbians who use fabricated stories of sexual harassment in an attempt to ‘transform’ society.

One, so far unconfirmed by others, source says that Ms Ardin filed sexual harassment charges against her own student, this for sending an SMS during her lecture and thus displaying his male dominance. And others add that Ardin ardently believes the patriarchal aspect of Western society is only held in place by the male’s ability to rape women. An interesting view, wouldn’t you agree? Besides belonging to this peculiar brand of feminism, Anna Arden is the political secretary and press officer of the Swedish “Brotherhood Movement,” a group of Christians from the Social Democratic Party controversial for inviting anti-Semitic speakers to the country.
Quite a complex mix, I have to say. But the most blood-curdling brain child of Ms Arden is her seven step guide Ardin published in January for “legal revenge” that involves, in one example, sabotaging a victim’s sexual relationships. For your convenience and because Ms Arden is deleting her blogs in the wake of recent events, here is a translation. Now shudder with me, please.
What can I say: unlike the uber-left Nicholas John fervently believes, this is not a sinister conspiracy by powers conspiracy by sinister powers. It is something much worse for poor Julian. So much worse that I really feel pity for him now. Too bad, Julian…
(*) Swedish feminism is verily a fountain of amazing feminist ideas, including one where men are forbidden to urinate standing. Why?


Because a man standing up to urinate is deemed to be triumphing in his masculinity, and by extension, degrading women. via simplyjews.blogspot.com

Seven Steps to Legal Revenge: Ardin is known to have been infatuated with (and have translated) the infamous ‘Seven Steps to Legal Revenge’ which details how to inflict pain on enemies by getting people to stalk them and by using other nefarious tricks. Ardin ardently believes the patriarchal aspect of Western society is only held in place by the male’s ability to rape women. via rixstep.com

…but… who is Anna Ardin?  other stories have her as a Zionist betrayer… Anna Ardin Zionist… I even have posts on this blog that mention this.  Here is my theory…. she is both the feminist and the Christian.  Most of us are more complex then an ‘ism’ we grow through.  That is my guess.  My other guess is that Assange is guilty by Swedish standards of rape… and we should not use a flawed system to punish him.  That would make us like Anna Ardin.

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