Wiener’s Wiener: Dem. Rep’s ‘Hacking’ Story Falls Apart?

I’m not a fan of Wiener the Macho Spaz, but I believe him here…

Over the last few days New York Congressman Anthony Wiener, a Democrat, claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked when it was revealed that “someone” sent a sexually graphic picture to a young woman in Washington State from his account.
The photo, a picture of a briefs-clad man sporting an erection, was sent to a young college student named Gennette Nicole Cordova who is a student at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Washington. This young woman once Tweeted that Wiener was her “boyfriend.” No one is sure what sort of relationship Wiener has with Cordova if any. But there seems to be some links.
Another reason why this is very suspicious. Miss Cordova is purported to be just some random person that the Wiener Twitter “hacker” targeted. What makes this seem less and less likely is that Miss Cordova has in the last two days gone to great lengths to try and erase herself from the Internet. She has systematically closed accounts and even removed her name from stories she wrote for her school newspaper. If she was just an innocent, random person in this story, why has she gone to such pains to try and erase herself like that? Seems more like guilt driving her actions, don’t you think?

Google Blames Being Hacked On China

not a hacker?

For his part, Rep. Wiener claims his Twitter account was hacked. This does not ring true.

WHAT? Do you have any idea how many times my twitter account has been hacked and twitter did nothing about it? Yes… I know he is a Democrat… and I don’t even really like him… but this sounds like an online sex lynch mob against a Jew. the libel doesn’t stop… even against Jews who are liberal.

Why would a hacker hack Wiener’s Twitter account to send only one photo to some girl in Washington State (who claimed to be his girlfriend) and then just leave without doing other things?

because it destroyed his reputation and the hacker did not want to stay around to get caught… duh!

Its far more likely that Wiener sent the photo himself. This elaborate “I was hacked” story does not ring true.

Weiner Calls for
of More than
700 Terrorist Videos
on YouTube…
could this be a motive
to hack his account
and destroy his life…


Failing to Recognize
Yerushalayim by Wiener

…guilty because you don’t believe people’s accounts get hacked?  that is a lot of faith for a network who was hacked by Iranian hackers. in fact I suspect some of the employees at twitter are part of the prank… but I have about as much evidence as this blogger has that Wiener wanted to destroy his life.

Anyway, whatever the case, many bloggers are having fun with this one. Stacy McCain has a great timeline of what has happened thus far. But this is the extent of my interest in the matter. Check out McCain’s post on this one for more information. via

Twitter hacked by Iranian Cyber Army;
signs off with poem to Khamenei

go figure… Washington State again with the accusation against men… particularly Jewish men. I hope Wiener learns a little about what goes on in this liberal state and changes his politics. I didn’t comment before because I felt my dislike of Macho Spaz Anthony Wiener would make me biased, but after reading this you know this is a sexual lynch mob as usual from the usual place. They accuse this guy of being a predator online because they refuse to acknowledge that accounts can be hacked.


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