A Poor Comparison:

The Jewish people were exiled in 79 AD by the Romans during a Jewish revolt. This was the same period in which the second temple was destroyed. The Jewish people of the 21st century have inherited a right to return to Palestine, from descendants from almost 2000 years earlier.By refusing to acknowledge the rights of the descendants of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral home a mere 62 years after their parents and grandparents were driven out, Michael Coren not only delegitimized the right of Jews to return to Palestine after 2000 years of being exiled, but also delegitimized Zionism as an ideology.

This argument only works within it’s own accepted context which is that the Jewish diaspora had a parallel to the Palestinian one. Did the Jewish refugees of Israel 2000 years ago find themselves forced to leave their own homes by their own Jewish leaders? Obviously not, so how could the two experiences be compared? Were the Jews forced to live in lands with other Jews who didn’t want Judea Jews around them? no… of course not. The denied correlative is that the Jews did not force themselves out of Israel.

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