FOX Claims Penélope Cruz Will Bear “Anchor Baby,” Latino Republicans Protest

This popular post originally appeared on Wednesday, December 15.

Our political discourse suffers from an impasse prohibiting genuine progress. That impasse is political correctness or, more accurately, cultural Marxism. It is the priority of emotion over reason. It is the assertion that, if someone is offended by an argument or the language used to articulate it, the argument is inherently incorrect. It is a retarding force upon intellect.

Political correctness is an effective force because most decent people do not want to offend and will make what seem to be reasonable concessions in order to maintain civility. There is also a tendency to confuse arguments based on emotion with arguments appealing to emotion. For instance, the argument against the Ground Zero Mosque appeals to the emotional impact its construction will have upon survivors of the Islamist attacks of September 11, 2001. That is not the argument’s basis, however. If Imam Rauf’s claim that he desires to build bridges between the West and Islam is correct, his insistence upon a course which agitates is illogical.

Political correctness is used like a sucker punch to unduly handicap one side of a debate. It is a tactic which emerged from the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School in the early 20th century, with the objective of destroying our existing culture. We must therefore wonder why an ostensibly conservative organization would employ the tactic.

¡Somos Republicans!, a Hispanic group, has taken issue with Fox News Latino’s use of the term “anchor baby” in a headline referencing actress Penélope Cruz. She and husband Javier Bardem are opting to deliver their son in the United States rather than in Spain.

[Journalist Christina] Tárrega explained that the actors’ wish is for their son to have dual citizenship, and since the two own an estate in Hollywood — and Spain grants citizenship to foreign born if a parent is born in Spain — it is quite a convenient situation.

The citizenship status of Cruz and Bardem is not reported. Their status is relevant toward determining whether or not Fox News Latino’s use of the term “anchor baby” is accurate. However, ¡Somos Republicans!’ objection is not based on this criteria.

The term “anchor baby” is equivalent to other defamatory terms such as “wetback”, “pickaninny” and “tar baby”.  Media outlets should never use these demeaning terms in connection with precious babies, and it is unfortunate that we have to inform FOX News of this when they are typically viewed as conservative.

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