Biased Xtranormal

October 31, 2010
Really Lame Narrative… Don’t even bother to click and see it:

Don’t make this another election where claims are left unchecked. Even if you vote Democrat you should have this information available. We really don’t want to see more voter fraud because we are afraid to question the powers that be. You should also know that the Tea Party was started by many Hillary Clinton leaning Democrats during the primary in 2008. I know because I got into frictions with the early Tea Party movement on twitter… which was also very Anti-Israel and centered a lot of their energy towards cutting off aid to Israel. Do not confuse the Tea Party with Dick Cheney. The Republicans did not move into the movement till after they lost the election. The early Tea Party was against the war. The Tea Party was very against Bush who ran up a debt of 3 trillion as compared to Obama’s 8 trillion. What is depicted in this video is disingenuous at best and probably an orchestrated lie.

(1) most of the Ron Paul people voted for Obama and felt betrayed. they are not Neo Conservative.

(2) just because a government is hostile to oil drilling doesn’t mean the government doesn’t use those same oil company failures to extract money for the government. We have seen that with BP. this argument against oil is part of the problem here. people against so called global warming DO realize the claims being made and understand the small changes in temperature are not drastic changes. that denies a correlative that those small changes were fraudulent data and we have not seen any new data to convince us otherwise.

(3) most tea party people I met were lesbians. this is a fraudulent portrayal of them. one Tea Party person I had to block was @MayorSam on twitter. she is also on facebook. this leftist somehow fuses two unlike people. What is even stranger is the way the dog seems to do the majority of talking. In the conservative version the feminist leftist does more talking. how is that? how is it that both the leftists xtranormal and the conservative xtranormal both allow the leftist to dominate and do the majority of the talking? how is that?

(4) The Tea Party movement is not hostile to Islam. that is the biggest lie here. In fact their leaders are Hezbollah financiers. Jack Abramoff’s friend Grover Norquist is case in point. or should I mention Jihad Darrel Issa who is a major leader of the Tea Party and a defender of Lebanon because…. da dum! he is Lebanese? Islam is not hostile to the Tea Party… and vice versa. There is a reason I have been attacking the Tea Party all year.


Jachnun and Hilbeh

October 31, 2010

Jachnun served with fresh grated tomato and skhug

Jachnun is a traditional Yemenite Jewish dish prepared from rolled dough which is baked on very low heat for about ten hours. The dough is rolled out thinly, brushed with shortening, and rolled up, similar to puff pastry. It turns a dark amber color and has a slightly sweet taste. It is traditionally served with a crushed/grated tomato dip, hard boiled eggs and skhug. The dough used for jachnun is the same as that used for malawach.

Jachnun is served by Jews of Yemenite descent on Shabbat mornings, after having been left in a slow oven overnight.According to Jewish law, it is forbidden to light a fire or cook on Shabbat.

Jachnun has become popular in Israel and is now consumed by other Jewish ethnic groups. Frozen jachnun is sold in supermarkets for those who want to skip the time consuming process of rolling the dough into layers.

I enjoy my Jachnun served with Harisa and fenugreek

Jachnun ingredients

  • 3 3⁄4 c All-purpose flour
  • 2 T Sugar
  • 1 T baking powder
  • 1 1⁄2 T Salt
  • 1 large Eggs
  • 1 1⁄4 c water
  • 3⁄4 c Margarine, cut into 6 pieces

Cooking Jachnun

1. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in food processor and process to blend.

2. Add egg and 1 cup water and process with on/off turns to mix. With motor running, gradually add remaining water, about ¼ cup, adding enough so mixture comes together to a smooth, fairly stiff dough.

3. It will be sticky.

4. Remove from processor.

5. Kneadi dough well by slapping vigorously on the work surface.

6. Divide into 6 pieces and knead each one with a slapping motion until smooth.

7. Roll each in your palm to a ball.

8. Put on an oiled plate or tray, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

9. Oil working surface and rolling pin. Let margarine stand at room temperature until very soft.

10. Roll out 1 ball of dough on oiled surface to a very thin 12-inch square.

11. To help stretch dough, pull it gently from time to time by hand, until very thin.

12. If dough tears, simply press it together.

13. Spread with a piece of soft margarine.

14. Foldi in half, then in half again to make a long strip.

15. Roll up strip from a short side in a tight cylinder.

16. Repeat with 5 remaining pieces of dough.

17. Put in greased, shallow 8-inch square baking dish.

18. Cover with foil and a lid and refrigerate at least 2 or up to 8 hours.

19. Preheat oven to 200°F.

20. Bakei pastries 13-14 hours or until golden brown.

21. Serve hot.

I have a fantastic recipe for hilbeh that i got from an old Yemenite man who used to serve in the civil guard in Kiryat Arba. He was very proud of it, and was convinced that women could not cook nearly as well as men. I didn’t try to dissuade him — his recipes, at least, were good — and obviously he got them from his wife or his mother!!
Take a few tablespoons of ground fenugreek (hilbeh) and soak it in a large bowl of water for at least six hours, but preferably overnight (Thursday night is best, since this is for Shabbat). Drain off the water. Place the resulting gel in the food processor. Add lemon juice (to taste — if you’re using 3 T hilbeh, then figure about 1/4 c. fresh lemon juice, at least), 1/2 t fresh ground black pepper, 1/2 t fresh zhug (Yemenite hot sauce), salt to taste, 1 t. fresh ground cumin and 1 small tomato cut into eighths (yes I know this sounds weird).  Run it at high in the food processor for at least 3 minutes, until it is whipped into a light and fluffy texture, and almost white in color (except for the pinkish tint from the tomato).
It is amazing. I like a lot of lemon in it, but some folks don’t.
Alternatively, some people like their hilbehonly whipped with salt and lemon.

Enjoy!  Yemenites dip their challah in this for the first course at Shabbat meals, and also put it in their chicken soup.  I love it with the challah, but I draw the line at the soup….

Hilbeh (Yemeni Fenugreek Relish)

Yield:4 oz.
2 tsp. fenugreek seeds, soaked in water for 18 hours or until they have softened, drained
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 fresh green chili, chopped
a handful of cilantro, chopped
2-3 large tomatoes, finely chopped
1/2 tsp. sugar
juice of 1/2 lemon
salt, to taste

1. In a food processor or blender, grind the fenugreek seeds with the garlic, chili and cilantro to a coarse paste.Place fenugreek paste in a medium bowl.

2. Add the tomatoes and beat in the sugar,lemon juice, and salt to taste.Serve with arab bread or as a flavoring for stews.

Everybody doesn’t have to pay their taxes… except this guy

October 31, 2010

it’s part of the deal pal. He’s an adult. Everyone else is children because we think our taxes are too high. So the new rule is any large corporation that proportionately financed Obama in the last election and this guy… is going to be taxes. Everyone else is free to watch this guy make a new sign.

Everybody doesn’t have to pay their taxes… except this guy

October 31, 2010

Here is the deal. He’s an adult. Everyone else is children because we think our taxes are too high. So the new rule is any large corporation that proportionately financed Obama in the last election and this guy… is going to be taxed. Everyone else is free to watch this guy make a new sign.


Caterpillar, Rachel Corrie and Israel

October 31, 2010

Previously, the Corrie family sued Caterpillar in U.S. court, but a federal court of appeals ruled that the company “cannot be held legally liable for the use of its bulldozers in Israeli military operations because the equipment is paid for with American government funds and represents an extension of American foreign policy, a federal appeals court ruled,” reported the New York Sun.

John Stewart’s ‘Sanity’ Rally to include Code Pink, Anarchists

October 31, 2010

Comedian Jon Stewart
announces his
Rally to Restore Sanity
on Comedy Central on Sept. 16.

It is looking like John Stewart’s “Restore Sanity” rally will define sanity rather peculiarly. Code Pink, Anarchists, and pro-abortion groups plan to attend at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30th.


The O’Jays also hit the stage at Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear.’
About midway through the show, which already featured a nearly 40-minute set from John Legend and The Roots, Stewart announced the next performer, Yusuf Islam. The folk icon formerly known as Cat Stevens, hit the stage with an acoustic rendition of “Peace Train.” However, instead of letting Yusuf placidly strum along, Colbert stormed the stage, ranting about the song’s message of harmony. The satirical pundit then proclaimed, “My train is arriving at the stage now and the conductor has an important announcement to make!”   (Source)
Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens), accused of backing Salman Rusdie fatwah, appears at DC ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’
Among those who appeared at Jon Stewart’s DC snarkfest (and attempt to suppress Democratic GOTV activists?) Rally to Restore Sanity in DC today was Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stephens. Here he is:

There’s more, of course:
It’s a curious choice, to put it mildly, given Yusuf’s alleged support of thefatwah against Salman Rushdie. All audio of the words he used to allegedly support the fatwah (which he has strenuously insisted he did not do) has been removed from YouTube, apparently at the crooner’s behest. Here are some of those words spoken by an actor (the Telegraph has more of this crap)

War Criminal Sharia “Judge” Backs Rape In Marriage

October 30, 2010

Hurry Up Harry

This is a guest post by Akash

The senior cleric of Britain’s main Islamic sharia court has sparked outrage by claiming that non-consensual sex in marriage cannot be called rape and is, therefore, not a criminal offence. In an interview with the Samosa blog, Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, speaking as the head of the Islamic Sharia Council, said: “Clearly there cannot be any rape within the marriage. Maybe aggression, maybe indecent activity… Because when they got married, the understanding was that sexual intercourse was part of the marriage, so there cannot be anything against sex in marriage. Of course, if it happened without her desire, that is no good, that is not desirable.”

British law was changed in 1991, making rape within marriage illegal but this is a detail which the head of the Islamic Sharia Council dismisses as an “aggression” against the man.

Abu Sayeed considers it “not Islamic” to classify non-consensual marital sex as rape and prosecute offenders. In an astonishing exchange with the Samosa journalist, Sayeed revealed why he believes the prosecution of marital rape was due to misguided Western values, such as equality and justice:

“Why it is happening in this society is because they have got this idea of so-called equality, equal rights. And they are misusing these equal rights in every single aspect of human conduct. That’s why. It is one aggression against another, and that is bigger aggression against minor one.”

I asked Sheikh Sayeed what he considered to be the “bigger aggression”.

“To call it rape. Rape is a criminal offence in this country; man will end up in prison for three, five years or more.”

So the non-consensual sex is the minor aggression, and calling it rape is the major aggression?


Why is calling it rape a major aggression?

“Because within the marriage contract it is inherent there that man will have sexual intercourse with his wife. Of course, if he does something against her wish or in a bad time etc, then he is not fulfilling the etiquettes, not that he is breaching any code of sharia – he is not coming to that point. He may be disciplined, and he may be made to ask forgiveness. That should be enough.”

It is deplorable that the head of the main Islamic Sharia court should maintain a position completely at odds with British law and to claim that the majority of women who say they have been raped or violently abused by their husbands are merely fabricating their stories to “expedite” divorce proceedings.

Abu Sayeed in 1971

But Imam Abu Sayeed has a sordid and viciously violent past which few people in Britain know anything about.

In 1995, Channel4 aired a Dispatches documentary called ‘War Crimes File’ which exposed Abu Sayeed as one of three war criminals who had fled Bangladesh to live in Britain. Sayeed was then a “head teacher of a Muslim school and a co-opted member of Tower Hamlets Education Council” but the documentary revealed that he was a senior member of the Al-Badr death squad, a paramilitary offshoot of the Jamaat-e-Islam, which was responsible for the death of thousands of men and the systematic rape of untold more women during the Independence War of Bangladesh in 1971.

Soon after the documentary was broadcast, it was quickly banned in the UK and remains so to this day, thanks to the litigious hair-trigger of Choudhury Mueen-Uddin, senior trustee of Muslim Aid, who, along with Sayeed, was exposed in the documentary as one of the three war criminals.

Fortunately the internet is still the bane of censors, because the documentary footage can be found in its entirety on the superb Bangladesh Genocide Archive.

As a young man, Sayeed was involved with the Islami Chattro Shangyo – the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islam. The Jamaat was then, as it is today, an extremist group of Muslim fundamentalists. In July 1971, the Jamaat-e-Islam organised a secret meeting in Dhaka, the purpose of which was to form the Al-Badr death squad, a violent jihad force created to aid the Pakistan army. Jamaat wanted to remain a part of the Islamic state of Pakistan and was violently opposed to the Independence movement. And in his home town of Sylhet, Abu Sayeed was recruited as a senior member of the Al-Badr.

Abu Sayeed’s role in the brutal Al Badr death squad is confirmed in the War Crimes File documentary by numerous eye-witness accounts and first-hand sources.

In August 1971, Al-Badr sent Sayeed to Dhaka for training in both military and intelligence gathering techniques. He then returned home to Sylhet where he was involved with secret meetings with the Jamaat-e-Islami leaders. His task was to draw up killing lists of people suspected of involvement in the liberation movement. The names were then handed to the Pakistan army who, with the help of local collaborators, would execute them.

In addition to preparing hit lists, the Jamaat and Al-Badr were also involved with organising mass rape and abducting women for Pakistani soldiers.

Here in Britain, Abu Sayeed has recreated himself into a respectable Muslim cleric, helped along the way by well-placed puff pieces in the media. The UCL Hospital newsletter ran a short vignette on him under ‘A Day in the Life of Maulana Abu Sayeed’:

When the trust’s Muslim Chaplain Imam Abu Sayeed left Bangladesh he arrived with a heavy heart. “I cherish my home and its people. I intended to stay a couple of years and then go back,” he says. Thirty years and four children on, he’s still here and doing the rounds at UCLH wherever he is needed. themselves physically before spiritually cleansing themselves within, which their faith requires.

And from another syrupy piece in the Guardian:

“In the council’s backroom, however, surrounded by gold-embossed tomes of Islamic jurisprudence and brown cardboard boxes, Sayeed puts his hand on his chest with pride as he explains what his work means to him. “I feel I could at last do some real good thing in the practical life of people,” he says. “I am not doing it for any financial gain in this world; I am doing it for immense reward from the Lord Almighty in the hereafter, so it fills my heart with all these riches”.

Abu Sayeed has very successfully laundered his personal history of the last 39 years. After all, he is now “Sheikh Sayeed”, an ex-headmaster as well the Muslim “chaplain” at UCL Hospital and the head of Islamic Sharia Council of Britain. However his subversion of British law in support of marital rape comes as no surprise to those who know the man’s history and background.