Lebanon Used American Weapons To Attack Israel

“Hezbollah says they’re only armed because the LAF too weak to defend Lebanon, so if we visibly strengthen the LAF then Hezbollah will have to disarm.”
doesn’t seem like they are interested or threatened in Hezbollah.

two pictures of LAF soldiers who were on the ground for last week’s cross-border ambush of the IDF. The guns they’re holding are M16’s. Or, as the rifles are better known in the context of Lebanese security assistance, “American-made M16’s:”

[larger] [original link]

[larger] [original link]

Of course, as Foreign Policy gamely notes, you can never be sure. There’s at least a chance that these rifles are M16 knockoffs made by China, Iran, or Pakistan. Security assistance apologists – then – wouldn’t have to explain why we’re supplying the LAF with the specific weapons that they’re using to incite regional conflict. They’d only have to explain why we’re supplying the LAF with cutting-edge weapons while the Lebanese use different weapons – acquired either from our rising hegemonic rivals or from intransigent nuclear rogues – to incite regional conflict.
Now these M113 APC’s, the ones the LAF used to back their ambush?

[larger] [original link]

[larger] [original link]

Those definitely came from us [PDF]:

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